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We monitor your site so you don't have to!


Can you afford for your site to be down?

We monitor your site so you don't have to, and check that it is responding every 30 minutes. If it is not then we will notify you so you can get it resolved with your host.

Notification Options

You can choose from the following options:
  • Notify you by email every 30 minutes if site is responding.
  • Only notify you by email if the site is not responding.
  • Send Text Message to your Mobile if the site is not responding (only available in some Countries and Providers).

Easy to set up

Subscribe now and enter just a few details to start getting your site(s) monitored every 30 minutes.

How it Works

How it Works

Is your mobile supported for our SMS Alerts?

List above was correct at the time of publishing. However, we cannot guarantee it will work all of the time as carriers keep changing the services they allow and may have changed their offerings since the list was published. In addition it relies upon the carriers service being up at the time of sending.

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We monitor your site so you don't have to  and inform you if it is down.